Foundation of English

You CAN think like a native speaker, build the foundation for advanced English, business and university study.

The course costs $100.

Our students can do it, so can YOU !

Break your habit of using your language first.

Learn exactly how native speakers create sentences.

Sentence training gets you thinking and making English like a native.

Learn how to use the right words to build your sentences.

Everyone will understand you in writing and speaking.

No more embarrassment.

Prepares you to take exams like IELTS, go to university or just to communicate with people!

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Correct English, at your fingertips.

We guarantee FULL VALUE for your money.

If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. Just tell us what went wrong, we’ll refund you and correct the problem.

You WILL speak and write English clearly and confidently.

You WILL become a high-functioning academic, business person and make friends around the world.

Why I made this course

and what it can do for you

I really love to see students succeed. It’s really hard watching them spend thousands of dollars on language schools and making only small improvements.

How this course is different.

Language schools teach you ‘conversational English’ about topics, and you feel you are ‘improving a little’ but ‘not as much as you would like’. You still aren’t confident about your accuracy. So, I started to ask why. I found that students were trying to apply the way their language works, the way they think, to English, and it causes no end of problems. So, I thought, ‘why not teach students exactly how I make language?’, and it worked! My students learned to write and speak clearly and accurately. Then, I thought, ‘how do I get them up to my level?’, and the answer was, ‘I learned to write and speak well by learning and using native structures that I read’. I found that the best students read, see how native structures work, from organisation, to grammar, culture and right down to word choice.

How much do I need to read?

Actually, not much. The point is that when you do read, you learn from it, and this is where this course helps you. We’ve chosen what you need to read and what you need to learn to get the maximum benefit from the least effort.

Is it expensive?

This course is extremely good value for the incredible power it will give you to change your life. You will gain full confidence to express your ideas the same way a native would. That means people are going to listen to you!

What if I can’t do it?

No worries, we are here to help you. Join the online community to get all of your questions answered.


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