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Get your writing right!

Write English accurately:

Impress your colleagues, clients and friends.

Communicate your ideas clearly every time.

Learn to persuade clients with your writing.


1-1 Business Writing Lessons

use the correct tone, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation to come across like a true professional.

Learn to use clear, concise and professional language that everyone will appreciate.

1-1 IELTS Writing Lessons

This is the easiest and most efficient way to get your score and learn to write at university level.

Utilise the training techniques that save our students hundreds of hours of hard work.

Our 7 point grammar plan has you writing fluently for a 7 in 1-2 days.

You will learn 100 of the most important words

Foundation of English

A2-B1 Students

Learn all the fundamentals you need to function correctly in English.

University English (Pre-sessional)

Always making mistakes? We’ll teach you how natives get it right.

Have rock-solid sentence structure.

Express yourself clearly.

Gain full confidence in your writing!

IELTS Essay Correction Service

24 Hour service

The MOST ACCURATE advice. Cambridge educated teacher.

The BEST teaching. (You get my 20 years of IELTS teaching experience. I maximise your improvement.)

Instantly improves your writing and band.

Why I made these courses

During our 20 years of experience teaching, we found that language schools, English courses and university preparation courses do not give a solid foundation in English. To get to the high-level stuff, we first make your communication clear and accurate. We teach you exactly how native speakers think and produce language. It’s quite different from your language, and that is what makes this course so powerful! It has worked with thousands of our students, and it will work for you!

Who am I?

Hello. My name is Geoffrey Currie. I have been teaching people how to write well for 20+ years. This has allowed them to be successful in university and business. I am from Toronto, Canada, and I was educated at the University of Cambridge (Master of Philosophy). I also hold a PGCE and Trinity Diploma in Teaching.

Choose us for….


We want you to succeed and we know how to get you there! We will celebrate your success together!


Make friends and practice with students from all over the world!


We will be with you every step of the way! Learn with us in seminars, ask questions in forums, practice with classmates and access all of our materials.

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